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An identity management system and intelligent resettlement platform easing the future of migration 

by accelerating the future of work

In the last half century, there have been 46 major world incidents resulting in the displacement of more than 151 million people. Less than 3 mission of these refugees are resettled within the year of their displacement. This is an unacceptable humanitarian crisis.


68.5 million people forcibly displaced 

by conflict and/or persecution


9 out of 10 refugees remain in their 

region of origin


44,400 new displacements every day


52% of refugees are children below 18 years of age


70,000 new stateless children are born every year in the 20 countries hosting the world’s largest stateless populations


102,800 people were globally resettled (total), a 54% decline from 2016


2017 UNHCR Report on Global Trends in Forced Displacement; 2017 UNICEF Brief on Children on the Move 


Homeward is an identity management system and intelligent resettlement platform for displaced populations.


Our identity system is multi-layered, compiling physical and behavioural biometric data, employability potential and socio-cultural preferences data, geospatiotemporal data, and a blockchain-enabled public key infrastructure to form a unique, self-managed digital ID for each claimant.


Homeward then matches applicants to cities most conducive to their successful and holistic integration, identifies alternative migration pathways for them, and connects them to an ecosystem of public and private sector partners that provide early access to services and support, including resettlement support, remote training and education programs, employment opportunities, banking and creditability, and more.


An overwhelming concentration of claims in sanctuary cities

A broken system for handling humanitarian cases

Security and data privacy

Identity and document verification and their chains of custody

A lack of global agency interoperability

An incomplete assessment of refugee integration factors

Refugee economic dependency; invalid/unknown 

experience and education

Public opinion fuelled by burden narratives




In addition to their present circumstances, displaced persons face an added barrier: they are unable to present themselves as value-add to destination countries. The bulk of their application is identity, security and displacement related, which feeds burden narratives and forces them to rely on goodwill immigration policies.


Homeward’s focus on employability potential allows every claimant the opportunity to leverage untapped strengths in order to position themselves as future contributors to local communities. This approach also helps ensure humanitarian programs focus on the most dire and urgent cases. 


The Homeward ecosystem also facilitates opt-in, remote training and education programs, allowing claimants to use wait periods productively by building on their identified strength areas. Our partners include hiring pools and companies and organizations willing to hire our users, connecting them to employment opportunities as early as possible. We’re easing the future of global migration by accelerating a more global future of work.



1. Tijuana, Mexico

2. Amman, Jordan


1. Toronto, Canada

2. Fredericton, Canada

3. Halifax, Canada

4. New York City, United States

5. Oakland, United States

6. Atlanta, United States

7. Paris, France

8. Bonn, Germany

9. Rotterdam, the Netherlands


To inquire about partnerships, please send us a message below.

There is a wealth of potential and talent within our globally displaced populations. The way we think about resettlement needs to better reflect what they could offer local economies and communities - and our systems must then lead them through a path towards economic

independence and prosperity.

Lucia Gallardo

Founder & CEO, Emerge

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