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2018. Emerge Global Blockchain Solutions Inc. Created with

Socially impactful emerging technologies 

to solve our most pressing problems.

Zero Hunger

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Clean Water



Clean Energy

Reduced Inequalities

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Sustainable Cities 

& Communities



& Production

Climate Action

Life On Land

Peace, Justice

& Strong Institutions

Partnerships for the Goals

Life Below Water

No Poverty

Good Health

& Well-Being

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


We use emerging technologies - like blockchain, IoT devices and sensors, and artificial intelligence - to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In fact, we're registered private sector partner for the Goals #26585.


Our current solutions increase the efficiency, humaneness, and transparency with which people, goods, and data move around the world. We also contribute to industry intelligence with research. 


For our work, Emerge has been nominated for the 2018 Global UN SDG Awards (to be announced in March 2019) and for Newsweek's 2019 Blockchain Impact Awards.

What we build and the way we build are as holistic as how we measure performance - with metrics along the interrelated dimensions of profit, people, and planet. 

people: identity and global displacement


An identity management and intelligent resettlement platform easing the future of migration 

by accelerating the future of work

goods: food transparency

A logistics system to track, trace and optimize the global movement of food goods while

reducing waste, fostering fair economic opportunities, and directly engaging consumers


data: media accountability

Empowering, amplifying and protecting story tellers while providing an immutable chain

of custody for the source material used in today's news


research: emerging market innovation

The world's first report to track and contextualize the evolution of blockchain innovation

ecosystems across emerging market regions



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Come build meaningful products with us. We're looking for people committed to using technology for social good, who are curious, passionate, and driven to deliver. Find your role below.

Full Stack
Social Impact
My Own

Not a Job Seeker?

Not a problem - we're also looking for partners interested in collaborating on projects that leverage blockchain for social impact. To learn more, please email us.


Emerge is built on the premise that technology can be an equalizer of opportunity, that it can be a tool of empowerment to the people we have historically rendered invisible, that it can

help address issues that are so polarizing

or complex they are too often ignored. We’re ready to do, be, and build better,

and we look forward to working with

other social innovators to take collective

and effective action.

Lucia Gallardo, Founder & CEO of Emerge

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